Concert Choir

General Class Information

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Important Dates

Auditions are on Saturday, January 12, 2018.  A bus will take you from BHS to the audition site and back to BHS.

If you get in, the festival is on Friday, March 8, 2016 (all day) and Saturday, March 9, 2016 (all day).

Audition Information

See Dr. Driscoll for a copy of the score of the audition piece, Morley’s April Is in My Mistress’ Face.

Recordings for the audition song will be posted when available.  During the audition, you will sing to the recording that is WITHOUT your voice part. So if you are a tenor, choose the “SAB” link, which will include the soprano, alto and bass parts. If you would like to hear all four parts, choose the “SATB” recording.

There are three parts to the audition:

  1. You’ll sing the song.
  2. You’ll sing a major scale.  The judge gives you the starting pitch, which is the tonic (‘do’ in solfege).  I highly suggest singing the scale using solfege syllables.  Sing it slow enough so that the judge can hear each pitch clearly.
  3. You’ll do some sight singing.  You’ll be given a sight-singing example.  The judge will give you the starting note and a few seconds for you to scan through it/practice.  Again, I highly suggest singing this using solfege syllables!!